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Ever done enrollments?
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Helping patients
understand their

claims and bills?
Sounds Interesting? Yes!
Rejection claim from an
insurance company?
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About us

TBC Solutions provides skillful medical billing and management services to make your medical practices and affiliated insurance matters hassle-free. We are a team of experienced Healthcare IT Solution Providers who have over time successfully developed a medical billing module that not just works efficiently to produce accurate results but also saves time and money.

Our services

Complete RCM Solution

Your entire medical billing, revenue cycle, proactive follow-up, denial management, and reporting are handled by our skilled and experienced staff, who also constantly direct the practice staff to get you paid more quickly and at a higher rate.

Our Medical Billing Specialists help practices increase their collections and receive payment more quickly and with less effort. Providers will be able to manage variances and denials within the workflow and receive more reimbursements thanks to our PM solution and workflow that are fully integrated.

Accounts Receivable

Assist providers to reduce A/R days with timely follow-up services that deliver a clear understanding of the reasons for overdue accounts receivable and prompt connection with insurance companies and patients.

Payment Reconciliation

Upon processing of an insurance claim, an EOB, or electronic remittance advice, is created that outlines the benefits that have been paid or refused for medical treatment or claim. Our team examines the overpayment, recoupment, and reimbursements to the insurance companies in accordance with the practice requirements.

Claims Scrubber/Validation

Cleaning up medical claims is an important step in the revenue cycle management process. Claim denials are mainly caused by human error due to a lack of verification of the claim before it is submitted. Therefore, it is necessary to authenticate a health insurance application before it is submitted for processing.

Accurate Coding Services

All healthcare providers must use accurate medical coding. We can assist you in enhancing coding accuracy and ensuring compliance with legal requirements. Your only requirement is to scan and upload your patient records to our secure FTP server. Afterward, on daily basis, our devoted group of coding specialists will download and examine these files.

Improving Revenue Cycle and Simplifying Billing Processes ...

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